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horse in stall inside barn

Indoor board

Your horse gets a 10x10 box stall with daily turnout service. Horses are put outside in a green pasture around 7 am every day, with hay in the winter. Around 5 pm, horses return to their stalls and get their daily grain and more hay for the night. 

The cost for indoor board is $625 per month. 

Pasture board

We have 7 pastures with grass for grazing, including a 12 acre pasture providing large area for roaming and grazing. The property is surrounded by trees, and wind walls placed in the pastures provide extra protection from the wind. In the winter, horses get plenty of hay and heated water troughs. The 12 acre pasture has a large feeder that is topped up regularly and an in-and-out shed.  

The cost for pasture board is $475 per month. 

horses grazing in pasture

Feed and care

We coordinate blacksmith services every 6 to 8 weeks and annual shots with our vet. Additional charges will apply. You are welcome to coordinate and use your own blacksmith and vet. 

We buy high-alfalfa hay and use Purina grain. Should your horse require a special diet and supplements, we are happy to accomodate.

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