Box stalls
Dust-free indoor riding arena (64' x 104')
Large outdoor riding ring
60 foot round pen
17 acres of property
12 acre groomed pasture with a pond
4 large groomed pastures
3 turn-out pens
Wooded areas for natural protection
Riding distance to Forrestry Farm Trails  


We provide both outdoor and indoor boarding, with regular feedings of hay and constant access to clean, drinkable water.  We have a monthly farrier schedule, and will facilitate the service for owners.  You do not have to be present, unless you want to be.  There is no extra charge for handling this for you. Farrier charges will be added to your monthly fee.

You can come and ride your horse anytime. Use the outdoor arena in the summer, the indoor arena in the winter or when it`s raining, or use nearby trails all year round.

Pasture boarding - $400 per month. Being outdoors is physically and mentally good for a horse, even in the winter. We have a 12 acre groomed field, four large groomed pastures, and three turn-out pens. Stall boarding - $550 per month. Horses are turned out for the day and returned to a stall for the evening and night. Box stalls are cleaned daily and lined with shavings for bedding. 

If your horse has special needs, we're happy to accommodate. Contact us to discuss.


Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada